4 Common Habits That Can Harm Your Child's Teeth

10 June 2015
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When it comes to children and their teeth, it can be tempting to let some bad habits slide by in the early years. After all, they are just baby teeth and your child will just lose them anyway. However, the thing with habits is, once you let it slide by for a little while, it is difficult to make them stop. So, even though your child may have baby teeth right now, they will likely continue those bad habits after they get their permanent teeth. Here are four common habits that can harm your child's teeth.

1. Biting fingernails.

There are many reasons why children biting their fingernails is a bad habit for your their teeth. For one thing, the friction between the tooth and the nail can lead to the tooth chipping. Nail biting can also lead to the root of the teeth becoming weak, which is especially bad for a child's teeth that are still in development. And that's not even considering all of the bacteria that can be introduced into the mouth from the fingernails, which can then lead to gum disease--even in children.

2. Drinking a lot of soda.

Soda consumption can be one difficult habit to break--especially for kids. When most people get thirsty, they usually crave the sugary goodness of their favorite soft drink. Unfortunately, getting into the soda habit can have devastating effects on your child's health and teeth. For instance, the acids in the soft drinks eats away at the enamel on the teeth. Without this protective layer over the teeth, your child can have a lot of dental problems later on in life. 

3. Thumbsucking.

Prior to your child getting their permanent teeth, it is common for your child to suck their thumb. After all, it is a natural reflex for them and can provide comfort. However, it is a habit that you will want to have them break before they get their permanent teeth. Once the permanent teeth come in, thumb sucking can cause the teeth to not come in properly. Your child can end up with crooked, misaligned teeth and this can lead to other dental problems that need orthodontics for correction.

4. Chewing on ice.

Kids usually love to chew on ice once they are finished with their drink. However, this habit can lead to dental problems. Much like with biting fingernails, chewing on ice can potentially cause your child to chip or break their teeth. Also, because of how cold the ice is in your child's very warm mouth, it can shock the tooth nerve and cause nerve damage that may require extensive dental work to correct.

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