What Risks Do Receding Gums Pose?

22 November 2016
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Receding gums is a common problem, especially with seniors and people who use tobacco products, but this is something that can happen to anyone. If your dentist tells you that your gums are beginning to recede, you should talk to him or her about treatment for this. Receding gums is not something you should ignore, because receding gums can pose several different risks to your oral health. Here are several risks you should be aware of if your gums are receding.

You may experience sensitivity with your teeth

One of the purposes of your gums is to protect your teeth. When your gums begin shrinking, they cannot fully protect your teeth, and one of the risks this leads to is sensitivity with your teeth. Sensitivity refers to the painful twinges you may experience when drinking a hot cup of coffee or when eating cold foods.

The reason you may experience sensitivity with gum recession is from the exposure of the dentin inside your teeth. Dentin is a layer found inside your teeth, and it contains tubules that have nerves in them. The layer of dentin is normally covered with the enamel on your teeth and with your gums. If dentin is exposed, you are likely to feel sensitivity with your teeth. 

You may be at a higher risk of developing infections

Because your gums are there to protect your teeth and their components, you will be at a higher risk for developing infections if you have receding gums. Receding gums will allow bacteria to work its way into your teeth faster, and the bacteria might end up in the roots of your teeth. If this happens, you may experience major toothaches, and you will most likely need to have root canals on all the teeth affected by this.

Your teeth may end up falling out

Finally, if your gums are receding, you could eventually end up losing your teeth. The gums you have in your mouth are there to protect your teeth and to hold them in place. Without a sufficient amount of gums, your teeth may become loose. This may cause your teeth to shift and eventually fall right out of your mouth.

If you want to reduce the risks of these three issues and have a healthier mouth, you will need to visit a dentist to find out how he or she can treat your receding gum issue. Contact a clinic like Abbott Family Dentistry, LLC to schedule an appointment for this.