Should Adults Get Dental Sealants?

25 June 2018
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If you have children, you are probably family with dental sealants. Most dentists recommend applying sealants to the teeth of children when they are very young, and there are designed to protect the child's teeth. As an adult, are you aware that you might also benefit from getting dental sealants? Many adults believe that these products are only for children, but this is not necessary true.

What is a dental sealant?

Before you can decide if you should get dental sealants, you should understand what they are. Dental sealants are one of the most common types of preventative care services offered by dentists. They are made of a liquid plastic-like material that hardens after a dentist applies it to teeth. After applied, the sealant offers a protective layer over the tooth, and this protection delays and prevents cavities from forming on teeth. Dentists use these on the teeth of children to help children avoid developing cavities.

Once applied, a dental sealant can last for many years; however, sealants do not last forever. Dentists must reapply them when they wear off, and they wear off from use. Over time, as a child uses his or her teeth to eat, the sealants will naturally start wearing away. As they wear away, they begin losing their ability to protect the child's teeth, and that is why dentists replace them as needed.

When should adults get dental sealants?

While sealants are most common with children, they are not only for kids. In fact, adults should also get dental sealants for the same reasons. When adults get these, they too can have protection over their teeth, and this can help adults prevent cavities too.

Before an adult can get dental sealants, though, a dentist must examine the adult's teeth. The main thing a dentist will look at is the condition of the teeth. A dentist cannot put a sealant on a tooth if the tooth has decay in it or if the tooth has fillings in it. The tooth must be cavity-free and filling-free in order for a sealant to work. Dental sealants are not as popular with adults simply because most adults already have fillings on many of their teeth.

If you have healthy teeth that are free of cavities and fillings, you might be a good candidate for dental sealants. To find out more about sealants for adults, contact a local dentistry clinic today to schedule a visit. You can also contact dental professionals like Hughes Thomas R for more information.