5 Teeth Whitening Mistakes To Avoid

12 September 2018
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A white smile is considered very attractive and can help you make a positive impression with other people. However, if your teeth have stains, you may feel insecure about your smile. Luckily, there is the option of whitening your teeth. Just avoid these common mistakes when you whiten your teeth.

Using Baking Soda

Some people use baking soda as a cheap way to whiten their teeth. Baking soda might be a great home cleaning product, but it is not the best for your teeth. While baking soda might remove some spotting, it is not effective at whitening older stains. It also has an abrasive texture that can weaken the enamel of your teeth over time.

Whitening When You Have Cavities

It is not recommended to go through a whitening procedure when you have cavities. The whitening solution can make its way into the decay and cause a lot of pain and discomfort. Before you decide to whiten your teeth, go to the dentist and have your teeth looked at. He or she can check for cavities and other issues that may affect your whitening procedure.

Using Whitening Strips Too Frequently

Whitening strips can help you achieve a brighter smile at home. However, if you use these whitening strips more frequently than recommended, you could do more harm than good. Your teeth could become more sensitive, making it more difficult to consume hot and cold foods and beverages. 

Eating Foods That Cause Tooth Discoloration

After a tooth whitening treatment, avoid consuming foods and beverages that are dark and bright in color, such as red wine, pasta sauce, berries, and coffee, for at least 48 hours. Stick to light-colored foods, such as egg whites, bananas, chicken, and turkey. 

Using One Size Fits All Trays

While there are one size fits all trays available to whiten your teeth, that does not mean you should use them. Everyone has a different sized mouth and should use a tray that fits their mouth accordingly. If you use a tray that's too big or too small, you could get bleach on your gums and other areas. Ask your dentist about getting a custom tray to whiten your teeth.

Avoiding these common whitening mistakes can help you achieve the smile you desire. If you still are not getting the results you want, consider getting a professional whitening treatment at your dentist office in the near future.

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