Here's How Invisible Braces Can Improve Your Oral Health

4 November 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

If you're considering getting braces to change your teeth alignment, you should know there are benefits beyond finishing with a straighter smile. Getting invisible braces can potentially boost your oral health. If that gets your attention, read on to discover the three oral health perks one can expect from invisible braces.

Tooth Spacing's Impact on Gum Health

When you have overcrowded teeth, it typically forces multiple teeth to push up against each other. This limits the amount of space you have between your teeth, often making it harder to do things like floss.

As your invisible braces open up the space between your teeth, you'll be able to take better care of your oral hygiene more easily. You may find that flossing is much easier than you thought it would ever be. And since you can simply take off your invisible braces to floss, there's no added difficulty there. This means that you could experience better gum health overall.

Grinding Protection

Invisible braces strongly resemble mouthguards. Invisible braces need to encapsulate the entire tooth in order to effectively move teeth around, so the thin plastic goes from one end of your gums to the other, wrapping over the tooth.

The nice thing about this is that invisible braces will actually help to protect you from grinding your teeth at night. This common behavior can cause issues for your temporomandibular joint as well as potentially crack teeth. With the added cushion of invisible braces, you shouldn't need to worry about those problems anymore.

Protects From Abnormal Wear

Finally, getting your teeth corrected with invisible braces will help to prevent you from having abnormal wear and tear on your teeth. Upper and lower teeth are designed to work perfectly together to allow you to chew. However, when teeth are out of alignment, the upper and lower teeth strike each other on edges and peaks of the same tooth or even another tooth entirely. This can contribute to you having your teeth wear down at an early age.

Invisible braces will ensure that your teeth don't rub together while you're awake or asleep. When your correction is complete, your teeth will be in line with each other again, and you won't have to worry about this problem anymore. Invisible braces can do a lot for the look of your smile and the health of it, too. Talk to a dentist if you're ready to get started with invisible braces.