Dental Implant Answers To Your Questions

26 August 2019
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If you are going to be having a tooth pulled, then you'll want to have it replaced. You can have a bridge put in, but this won't be a good choice when you are having a tooth pulled and the rest of your teeth are in good shape. You may have some questions about implants and here are some of the more common questions and the answers; hopefully you will find the answers to many of your questions here.

The reason a bridge isn't the best choice is that the good teeth on the sides of the extracted tooth will need to be prepared as anchor teeth and this means they will likely need to be ground down. You won't want to grind down perfectly good teeth just to replace the one you have had pulled. Therefore, a dental implant will be the best choice when it comes to replacing the extracted tooth.

Is a dental implant removable?

No, a dental implant will not be a removable tooth replacement. An implant is permanently put in your gum in a way that not only makes it permanent, but that also makes the implants as close as you will be able to get to an actual tooth that is still in your mouth.

Does it take more than one office visit?

Yes. When you have a dental implant put in there are steps that need to be taken. If your gums are in proper condition and you have no health issues that cause the process to take longer, then you should be done with the entire process in a few months. The longest portion of time in the process is the time it takes for your jawbone to fuse to the implant completely.

Is an implant just as strong as a real tooth?

A dental implant is considered to be as strong as a real tooth. In fact, the materials they are made from technically make them stronger than a tooth because the implants aren't susceptible to certain things that teeth are, such as cavities. However, you always need to be as careful as possible with any replacement teeth, as well as your real teeth. Everything has its limits and your mouth is something you want to care for properly.

Does it hurt to get an implant?

The process of getting an implant would be very painful. However, thanks to the available choices regarding sedation and pain control, you will feel very little during the process Your pain will also be controlled at home with medication. Your mouth heals quickly, so you will be feeling better within a day or two and be able to get right back to your normal routine.

If you have more questions about dental implants, contact a dentist in your area.