Why You Should Schedule Missed Preventative Dental Care Services Now

24 May 2021
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Did you skip your 2020 dentist office checkups and cleanings? If you have not had preventative dental care services in more than a year, take a look at the top reasons to schedule a make-up appointment right now.

You Have Mouth or Tooth Discomfort

Are your gums tender? Do your molars ache? Does the ice in your iced tea make you wince? If you have mouth or tooth pain or sensitivity, you need to visit the dentist's office as soon as possible. While the oral irritation may not seem like an emergency issue, any degree of discomfort requires professional attention.

Even though you should bring up problems during an annual or bi-annual preventative exam, some issues shouldn't wait to your next visit—especially if your appointment is days or weeks away. Call the dentist about constant pain, discomfort that interferes with your daily life, the inability to eat or drink as you usually would, oral issues accompanied by a fever, noticeable damage, an injury, or anything that concerns you immediately.

You Have Plaque Buildup

The sticky clear or yellowish film on your teeth is plaque. While regular at-home dental care can remove or reduce plaque accumulation, you may still have some areas of buildup. The bacteria in plaque create acids. These acids break down dental enamel, leaving your teeth at risk for serious oral issues. Left untreated, plaque buildup can lead to gum disease or dental decay.

Over time plaque can lead to tartar. Along with the dental health-related risks (such as decay), tartar can also lead to aesthetic issues. This hardened substance can make your teeth look yellow or brown. Tartar isn't easy to remove at home. Instead of brushing or flossing it away, you are likely to need a professional-level cleaning. The dental hygienist can remove the buildup and help you to learn more about preventative strategies to stop a repeat problem before it starts.

You Need X-Rays

When was the last time you had dental x-rays? If you can't answer this question, you may need a new set of these oral images. Dental x-rays provide a look into the interior parts of your mouth the dentist can't see during an exam.

The images allow the dentist to view tooth roots, the jaw bone, and the surfaces or areas in between your teeth. X-rays can help the dentist to see previously undetected areas of decay (such as between the teeth or under a filling), bone loss, abscesses, or misaligned teeth.

For more information about preventative dental care services, contact a dentist in your area.