5 Causes Of Bad Breath And How To Prevent The Problem In Children

10 March 2022
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Bad breath is a common problem, and most adults can control it better than children. But that does not mean you have to ignore the situation and let your child live with a smelly mouth. On the contrary, you can do a lot to prevent it when you know the origin of the problem. Therefore, it is good to understand what could be triggering the bad mouth odor for your child to help them.

It is also good to know when you need a dentist for further treatment. Read on to find out some reasons your kid may have bad breath.

1. Poor Dental Cleaning and Oral Health

Bad breath may occur when your kid doesn't brush their teeth at least twice a day. So, your child needs to learn that brushing is significant to their overall oral health. They should not perceive brushing their teeth daily as a bother but an activity critical for dental health and fresh breath. In addition, embracing the practice will eliminate bad breath and give your child confidence to speak and play with friends.

2. Dehydration

It is critical to note when your child has a dry mouth since this is an indication that they possibly lack enough water in the body. Dehydration leaves their mouth without enough saliva, which is an important tool for fighting oral bacterial infections that cause bad breath. So, if you notice your child has a dry mouth, make sure you give them enough water. That way, you prevent mouth infections, teeth problems, and bad breath.

3. Food Choices

Strong-smelling foods may cause an unpleasant odor to remain in the mouth. For example, some foods like onions and garlic have strong smells. So, if your child eats them, they must rinse their mouths to clear any bad odor.

4. Tonsils and Sinuses Infection

When your child has tonsillitis and sinus infections, they may have swollen tonsils and experience cold-like symptoms. These infections can cause bad breath. For that reason, you should not ignore bad breath as it could signify other hidden problems. Instead, you should visit a dentist to examine the child when you notice such symptoms.

5. Breathing Through the Mouth

A child will breathe through the mouth when they have colds or coughs. However, when these illnesses persist, they may cause bad breath. The best way to stop this behavior is by taking your child to a pediatrician for medical assistance and treatment. After that, your child will need dental care services to address bad breath or any problems associated with breathing through the mouth.

You can prevent most causes of bad mouth odor in your child in various ways. But as a parent, you may control all the issues that cause bad breath in your child. So, it is prudent to visit a dentist when you notice your child has bad breath.