Five Hints For Adjusting To Dentures

29 December 2016
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While getting new dentures can drastically improve life by making eating and smiling easier, they take some time to adjust to. Here are five tips for getting used to life with dentures. Wear Them They may not be very comfortable to begin with. They may even hurt and rub on your sensitive gums, but this is a necessary part of the denture process. Your dentist is expecting you to need to several adjustments, and the way he can best tell where they are rubbing uncomfortably is by visibly seeing the abraded areas in your mouth. Read More 

2 Tips To Getting Relief For A Pulpal Infection

12 December 2016
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A pulpal infection occurs when bacteria seeps underneath your tooth and contaminates your dental pulp. Your dentist will most likely need to perform a root canal in order to thoroughly remove the infection. The infection should be removed as quickly as possible since it can spread to other areas throughout your mouth. Before this happens, you may experience a large amount of discomfort that includes pain. This pain can make it difficult to carry out some of your daily activities. Read More 

What Risks Do Receding Gums Pose?

22 November 2016
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Receding gums is a common problem, especially with seniors and people who use tobacco products, but this is something that can happen to anyone. If your dentist tells you that your gums are beginning to recede, you should talk to him or her about treatment for this. Receding gums is not something you should ignore, because receding gums can pose several different risks to your oral health. Here are several risks you should be aware of if your gums are receding. Read More 

You Have Your First Baby: 4 Steps to Care for Their Developing Teeth

3 November 2016
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If you have a new baby, you want to make sure you provide them with the best care possible. Part of that care includes their developing teeth. If you're a first-time parent, you might not realize this, but good oral hygiene and dental health begins before the first tooth appears. Here are four steps you should take to take care of your baby's developing teeth. Cleanse the Gums Healthy teeth and gums begin on day one. Read More 

2 Tips To Prevent Your Gum Tissue From Becoming Infected When Battling A Vertical Root Fracture

14 October 2016
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Tooth fractures often happen due to extreme impact. The fracture can either result in a crack along the chewing surface or may result in a vertical root fracture. Vertical root fractures occur near the base of your tooth. This is where your root and dental pulp is located. These types of fractures are more difficult to detect because they are extremely thin. By the time you notice it your gum tissue may already be infected, so it's a good idea to stay on top of dental visits. Read More