Doing the Right Thing During a Dental Emergency

Do You Use an Inhaler? Make Sure You’re Protecting Yourself Against Dental Damage

19 August

Inhaled medications, such as corticosteroids, can do wonders for managing the symptoms of asthma and allergies. However, you do need to make sure you’re using these inhalers properly and taking a few precautions to ensure they don’t cause any damage to your teeth and gums. Here are some important precautions to take. Rinse your mouth […]

Do You Really Have To Floss If You Brush Your Teeth Daily?

02 August

Research has deemed it is essential to floss between your teeth even if you brush your teeth daily. Dental plaque causes soft tissue inflammation to the gingiva, the medical/clinical term for gums, as a continuous process. Bits of food can become wedged between the teeth and begin the cycle for bacterial growth. If you don’t […]

Two Reasons Why Your Dentist Is Your Best Option for Teeth Whitening

14 July

One of the most difficult parts of trying to whiten your teeth is finding the best and most effective method available; there are dozens of products at your local grocery or department store that all promise to whiten your teeth. However, one of the best resources available to you when it comes to teeth whitening […]

Why Teeth Cleanings Are Important For Preventative Care

28 June

Dental teeth cleanings are one procedure that you’re likely to encounter in a routine checkup. But aside from simply making your teeth cleaner, this procedure has a lot of health benefits for preventative care. Here are some ways that teeth cleanings help to prevent disease and illness.  Cavity Prevention Teeth cleanings are very important for […]

4 Tips For Having An Alumni Of Your Organization Fund Your Dental Treatment

08 June

Alumni of several organizations, from dance groups to debate teams, often fund various expenses for current members of the organization. If a bright, healthy smile is critical to your success in the organization that you are part of, then there is a chance that you can find an alumni sponsor to help pay for the […]

2 Dental Procedures For Removing Damaged Pulp And Retaining The Tooth

20 May

The interior of a tooth has a central root canal system that leads from the upper dentin down to the tooth roots. This canal is filled with a material called pulp, which is made up of a collection of nerves, blood and tissue cells that all help keep the tooth vital and strong. Tooth decay […]

3 Cosmetic Dental Treatments For A Chipped Tooth

03 May

If you have a chipped tooth, you may be concerned about the way that it affects your appearance. Chipped teeth, especially those located near the front of the mouth, can make your teeth look less uniform. Still, there are effective cosmetic dental treatments for a chipped tooth. Here are a few of them: Composite Bonding […]

Why Should You Use Zirconia for Your Dental Implant?

28 March

The typical material used for dental implants for a very long time has been titanium. This is because the material is great at fusing with the jawbone. Unfortunately, complications can arise with some patients due to titanium exposure, such as an allergy that does not make titanium a viable option. Zirconia is an alternative material […]

3 Things You Can Do To Help Ensure The Success Of Your Dental Implant Surgery

28 March

Dental implants are metal rods or screws that are inserted surgically into the jawbone. They not only replace the crown of a missing tooth; they also replace the dental root that allows the tooth to be stable in the mouth without having to be affixed to adjacent teeth. Once a dental implant has been inserted, […]

The Process Of Crown Installation

01 March

Having a crown put on your tooth usually requires several return visits to the dentist. In reality, the physical pain of having a crown put in your mouth is no worse than having a normal cavity filled. The recovery usually takes a bit longer, but if you know what to expect, you can manage the […]