5 Teeth Whitening Mistakes To Avoid

12 September 2018
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A white smile is considered very attractive and can help you make a positive impression with other people. However, if your teeth have stains, you may feel insecure about your smile. Luckily, there is the option of whitening your teeth. Just avoid these common mistakes when you whiten your teeth. Using Baking Soda Some people use baking soda as a cheap way to whiten their teeth. Baking soda might be a great home cleaning product, but it is not the best for your teeth. Read More 

Understanding The Options For Dealing With Bad Teeth

22 August 2018
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Having even one bad tooth in your mouth can lead to a variety of functional and aesthetic concerns. With the help of a dentist, you can look at some of the most commonly applied solutions, including fillings, dental crowns, veneers and dental implants. Each option is intended to address a specific situation, and a professional can help you determine which one is right for your circumstances. Fillings Used to address problems with infectious material building up inside a tooth, a filling is typically the cheapest available solution to a bad tooth. Read More 

Three Tips When Wearing Your New Retainer

24 July 2018
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Getting your braces taken off is quite the accomplishment, but it doesn't mean that you're quire done with the tooth straightening process just yet. Chances are your dentist will provide you with a retainer that you'll need to wear for a few hours everyday. This is to ensure that your teeth don't lose their new adjustments. If you want to make sure you're doing the best thing possible for you and your retainer, make sure you're following these steps. Read More 

Should Adults Get Dental Sealants?

25 June 2018
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If you have children, you are probably family with dental sealants. Most dentists recommend applying sealants to the teeth of children when they are very young, and there are designed to protect the child's teeth. As an adult, are you aware that you might also benefit from getting dental sealants? Many adults believe that these products are only for children, but this is not necessary true. What is a dental sealant? Read More 

Alternatives To Root Canal Treatment And Why You May Dislike Your Options Less

27 May 2018
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People talk about root canal alternatives as if there are alternatives. There are not. You might, then, be quite puzzled as to the topic of this article. It will actually show you that your "alternatives" are not something you want any more than you want a root canal. A Root Canal Treatment Saves the Tooth You Have  The reason why your dentist wants to do a root canal is that part of the tooth is utterly dead, and your dentist wants to save the rest of the tooth, which is still alive. Read More