Why You Should Schedule Missed Preventative Dental Care Services Now

24 May 2021
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Did you skip your 2020 dentist office checkups and cleanings? If you have not had preventative dental care services in more than a year, take a look at the top reasons to schedule a make-up appointment right now. You Have Mouth or Tooth Discomfort Are your gums tender? Do your molars ache? Does the ice in your iced tea make you wince? If you have mouth or tooth pain or sensitivity, you need to visit the dentist's office as soon as possible. Read More 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Zirconium Dental Crowns

13 April 2021
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When you need a dental crown, you'll likely want one that is both strong and long-lasting. One of the newer crown materials on the market is zirconium. Like any dental material, it has its pros and cons. However, zirconium has more benefits than downsides. Here are the upsides and downsides of zirconium crowns. Advantages Zirconium crowns have many advantages that most people find pleasing. In addition to the attributes listed below, they can sometimes be made in your dentist's office in one day. Read More 

Protect And Preserve Your Cracked Tooth

23 February 2021
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Most people are not prepared for a cracked tooth. Fortunately, a cracked tooth may not always result in the loss of a tooth. Read on and find out more about various types of cracks. How Cracks Happen If you've had a cracked tooth, you may already know how easily it can happen. You don't have to be involved in contact sports like hockey to end up with a cracked tooth. Cracks can occur when eating hard foods like candy, as the result of a fall, or from things like car accidents or blows. Read More 

How Dental Implants Can Help With Depression

15 January 2021
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Oral health is something that most people take seriously, but few understand just how complex this situation is for many. Simply put, emotional health and dental health are surprisingly connected and in ways that may not be expected. As a result, it may be necessary to get dental implants to manage the potential problems that may result from someone losing too many teeth all at once. Depression and Tooth Loss Are Tightly Connected Read More 

4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Family Dentist

20 October 2020
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Many people develop a special loyalty for their dentist. Seeing the same dentist every year can be comforting. However, there will likely come a time when you need to pick a new dentist. You may move to another city or state, or your old dentist may retire. Choosing a family dentist doesn't need to be difficult, as long as you can get the information you need. Here are four questions you can ask prospective dentists when choosing a dentist for your family: Read More