A Couple Of Tips For Those Preparing For Oral Surgery

20 July 2015
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There are a variety of dental problems that can only be corrected through surgery, and these procedures can often require several days of recovery time. Unfortunately, you may not have much experience undergoing oral surgery, and as a result, you may not fully understand what to expect during your recovery. Luckily, the following couple of tips will help you to ensure your recovery from your surgery goes as smoothly as possible. 

Prepare Several Meals Ahead Of Time

Following your procedure, you will likely be extremely sore, and there is a strong chance that you will still be feeling the effects of any anesthetics that were given to you. Therefore, you will unlikely be in a position to comfortably or safely prepare food for yourself. As a result, you should take the time to prepare several meals to ensure you are able to easily eat in the hours immediately following your procedure. 

When you are preparing foods, you should make sure to only prepare soft foods that will be easy for you to consume when a sore or numb mouth. For these reason, you should likely limit your foods to puddings, mashed potatoes and soups. By making sure you have these foods in your kitchen, you will be able to help ensure you have readily available food which will help you be as comfortable as possible for the first day following your surgery. 

Be Prepared To Treat Swelling

It is common for patients to suffer from swelling for the first couple of days after oral surgery. While ice may be one of the best options for combating minor swelling, it can take hours to freeze enough ice to provide you with relief. To avoid having to spend more time than necessary suffering from swelling, you will need to make it a point to make your cold compresses before your surgery. 

When preparing the ice, you may automatically assume that you should make ice cubes, but there is another option that may provide better relief. By filling a plastic cup with water, and freezing the entire container, you can create a cold compress that will last far longer than standard ice cubes. 

Oral surgery can have lengthy and uncomfortable recoveries, but these procedures are often unavoidable. However, if you take the time to do a little planning before your procedure, you will be in a better position to ensure your experience is as comfortable as it can possibly be. In particular, these two tips will help you to avoid overlooking the importance of meal preparation and making cold compresses ahead of time.

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