4 Tips For Having An Alumni Of Your Organization Fund Your Dental Treatment

8 June 2016
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

Alumni of several organizations, from dance groups to debate teams, often fund various expenses for current members of the organization. If a bright, healthy smile is critical to your success in the organization that you are part of, then there is a chance that you can find an alumni sponsor to help pay for the cost of cosmetic dental treatment for you. Below are four tips for finding and securing alumni sponsors from your organization. 

Find an Affordable Dentist to Work With

Before you begin looking for a sponsor, you should find an affordable dentist to work with. Finding an affordable dentist shows that you value your sponsor's contributions to your oral health and you do not plan on wasting their money. It also increases the chances that you can continue treatment with alternative funding sources if your sponsor backs out or if you cannot find a willing sponsor. 

Have Your Dentist Create a Full Treatment Plan 

Once you have selected a dentist, you should go in for a full smile evaluation. Ask your dentist to write up a detailed treatment plan and include the cost of each item. This will allow you to give a detailed proposal to your sponsor, and they will know how much they can expect to pay each step of the way. 

Ask Mentors or Coaches In Your Organization for an Introduction to Potential Alumni Sponsors 

Instead of sending out an email to your alumni list, you should ask your current coach or mentor to introduce you to sponsors who would be interested in funding your dental treatment. This makes it more likely that you will find an interested alumni. Also, a personal introduction from your coach or mentor can make you look better to people who are looking for someone to sponsor. 

Give Follow Up Details to Your Alumni Sponsor

Throughout your treatment, you should check in with your sponsor and give them updates. Updates should include before and after pictures of your teeth as well as personal statements expressing your gratitude, and any positive changes in your self-esteem that you are experiencing. You may also want to have a parent or family member send a thank-you note to your sponsor. 

While not everyone may be able to fund their dental treatment through an alumni sponsor, it is worth checking out if you are part of an organization with successful alumni. Additionally, you should consider crowd funding your treatment or setting up a long-term payment plan with your dentist.