Two Reasons Why Your Dentist Is Your Best Option for Teeth Whitening

14 July 2016
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One of the most difficult parts of trying to whiten your teeth is finding the best and most effective method available; there are dozens of products at your local grocery or department store that all promise to whiten your teeth. However, one of the best resources available to you when it comes to teeth whitening is your dentist. Listed below are two reasons why your dentist is the best option for teeth whitening.

More Effective Whitening Compounds

One of the biggest reasons to see your dentist about getting whiter teeth is that he or she will have access to whitening compounds that are much more effective and powerful than those that you can find in a store-bought whitening product. While many store-bought products are useful for basic whitening, it will often take weeks or months before the whitening compounds in them are able to whiten your teeth to a noticeable degree. However, the more powerful compounds used by your dentist can result in you seeing whiter teeth much sooner, often after one or two short appointments.

The effectiveness of a dentist's whitening compounds is especially useful if you have teeth that are badly stained. In that situation, the dentist is more likely to whiten your teeth where store-bought whitening products may fail to affect the stains at all.

Variety of Whitening Techniques

Another reason why your dentist is a great option for whitening your teeth is that he or she will have a variety of techniques that can allow him or her to create a customized whitening plan just for you. For example, if you are sensitive to whitening or bleaching compounds, the dentist can use a lesser amount of the compound and use UV lights to increase the effectiveness of the whitening compound.

In addition, if you do not need instant results and want to have every last part of your teeth whitened, your dentist can make a mold of your teeth that he or she can then use to order a custom-made mouth tray for you. This tray will allow you to put the whitening solution in it that you can then wear at home. Since the tray is customized for you, it will be more comfortable to wear than a generic tray from a store-bought whitening kit while the tray pushes the whitening solution onto every surface of your teeth.

Make a dental appointment today in order to discuss how a dentist can help you get your teeth as white as possible. A dentist is the best option for teeth whitening because he or she has access to very effective and powerful whitening agents and can utilize a large variety of whitening techniques to find the most suitable one for your particular situation.

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