Do You Really Have To Floss If You Brush Your Teeth Daily?

2 August 2016
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Research has deemed it is essential to floss between your teeth even if you brush your teeth daily. Dental plaque causes soft tissue inflammation to the gingiva, the medical/clinical term for gums, as a continuous process. Bits of food can become wedged between the teeth and begin the cycle for bacterial growth. If you don't floss regularly, the particles can cause gingivitis. Here is some information about flossing.

Gingivitis Forms: If you don't break the cycle of gingivitis, periodontal disease will flourish. It may take surgical intervention or if caught quickly can be slowed down with meticulous oral hygiene.

Floss Has a Job: You have to clean each surface of the tooth, including between the teeth. A regular toothbrush cannot do the job to reach all five surfaces. According to WebMD, approximately 40% of the plaque and bacteria is removed by flossing.

When to Floss: At night, when you aren't active, bacteria has a perfect breeding ground. It is essential to floss before you retire for the night.

Who is Most Vulnerable?

Cancer patients who have chemotherapy are on medications that can reduce the quantity and quality of saliva that is essential to help prevent bacterial growth in your mouth. Pregnant women also have acid regurgitation that has been directly associated with tooth decay. Other patients can also have numerous factors that make not flossing a risky situation besides these two factors.

Risks of Not Flossing

Halitosis: If you aren't flossing, you may have a bad case of bad breath. Imagine how bad a chunk of meat would smell if you left it on the counter for days. That is the same theory when you don't floss regularly. Does it smell good?

Buildup of Tarter: Tarter must be removed by a dentist because it is hardened plaque. It is recommended to visit a dentist every six months for preventive cleaning. According to research, if you don't have risk factors, an annual visit might be adequate. You need to seek assistance to discover if you are at risk. Each case is different and must be diagnosed by the professionals.

Cavities Will Form: Bacteria buildup leads to decaying teeth. When a tooth is filled because of a cavity, the structure of the tooth is weakened. It could be an indication of more work needed as time passes.

Gums Will Bleed: If you don't floss regularly the healthy tissue will become inflamed as an indication you might have early stages of gingivitis. You might also progress to periodontitis if you don't have the gums flossed on a regular schedule.

All of these factors are indicators of the necessity of flossing regularly. Don't become a statistic because you haven't taken care of your gums. If you neglect your gums, you could lose the teeth. You only have one set of adult teeth, and you should take care of them properly so that can last a lifetime. For more information, talk to a professional like Gentle Dental Family Care.