2 Tips To Prevent Your Gum Tissue From Becoming Infected When Battling A Vertical Root Fracture

14 October 2016
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Tooth fractures often happen due to extreme impact. The fracture can either result in a crack along the chewing surface or may result in a vertical root fracture. Vertical root fractures occur near the base of your tooth. This is where your root and dental pulp is located. These types of fractures are more difficult to detect because they are extremely thin. By the time you notice it your gum tissue may already be infected, so it's a good idea to stay on top of dental visits. If you notice a vertical root fracture and your gums are not infected yet, there are a few tips that you can use to help protect your gum tissue from infection.

Submerge Your Teeth in an Antibacterial Rinse

If you have a vertical root fracture, then a simple toothbrush will not be able to clean in between the fracture. Food and bacteria will actually remain there until the fracture is fixed or the contaminants are removed. The easiest way to kill off bacteria around your fracture and in other places throughout your mouth is with the help of an antibacterial rinse. The rinse will be able to make its way in between the smallest cracks and cleanse these areas. You can make an easy rinse at home by soaking dried cloves in hot water for at least an hour. The longer that the cloves are given to soak the stronger your homemade rinse will be. In addition, you can pick up a commercial rinse from your dentist. When you decide to use either rinse make sure to focus on the areas where your fracture is as well as your gum tissue. These are the areas that are more vulnerable to developing an infection.

Avoid Using Your Damaged Tooth While Chewing

Chewing with the tooth that has a vertical root fracture can not only push debris into the crack but it will also cause the crack to become longer over time. The constant pressure will move your crack from the root of your tooth to its chewing surface. In order to avoid this, you should avoid using it to chew until your fractured tooth is fix. This will limit the chances of your tooth developing a bacterial infection that can contaminate the gum tissue. Initially, this can be difficult to do. However, if you stick to foods that are easier to eat, then you shouldn't have much difficulty.

If you suffer from a vertical root fracture, then it is important to take steps to prevent infection until you can make an appointment with a dentist like Tore D Steinberg DDS PC. Therefore, use these tips to battle gum infection.