Four Tips For Keeping Your Teeth White

6 January 2018
 Categories: Dentist, Blog

The color of your teeth will be one of the most noticeable features of your smile. While having white teeth is what most people want, stains are unfortunately common. When you decide that you want to start taking actions to keep your teeth as white as possible, you will want to review several important tips and strategies for keeping your teeth white.

Understand The Various Sources Of Stains

There are many people that will have a weak understanding of tooth stains. In particular, people will often assume that staining is only likely to occur from smoking and drinking coffee. However, it is possible for your teeth to absorb pigments from an assortment of different foods and beverages. For example, fruit can be a very pigment rich food that can lead to stains developing. You can help to combat these sources of stains by thoroughly rinsing your mouth after you consume pigment rich foods and beverages.

Appreciate The Limits Of Home Whitening Kits

Your teeth will eventually develop some light staining, and it is often possible to reverse these stains through the use of home whitening kits. While these kits can be effective in situations where there are mild stains, they will be ill-suited for addressing deep stains. When a patient is suffering from this type of stain, they will likely need to undergo a professional dental whitening treatment to address this issue. A professional will be able to use particularly powerful whitening agents and advanced techniques, such as laser whitening, to remove even the most stubborn stains.

Keep Your Teeth As Clean As Possible

Keeping your teeth as clean as possible can help to prevent the more common causes of serious staining, plaque and tartar. Over time, these substances can start to accumulate on your teeth. When they do, they will gradually start to turn the teeth a shade of yellow. While brushing and flossing can help to slow the formation of these substances, you will need professional cleanings to remove the deposits of these substances that do form. In addition to preventing staining, this will also stop these materials from causing the teeth to decay.

In order to maximize your appearance, you will need to make sure that you are taking steps to keep your teeth as white as possible. To this end, you will find that knowing the full range of potential stain causing materials, the limits of home whitening kits along with the benefits of regular professional cleanings will enable you to take exceptional care of your teeth so that they avoid stains.