Types Of Dental Crowns

25 March 2018
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Crowns are some of the most important additions to dentistry. If a tooth has something like a large cavity, a crown can be placed on top of the tooth to cover it. Nowadays, there are different types of crowns with various advantages depending on what you choose. Some crowns will have the appearance of natural teeth so no one will even be able to tell. Others, have the advantage of durability and can protect your tooth for a long time to come.

The Different Types of Crowns

There are four main types of crowns that are commonly used nowadays. These are:    

  • Ceramic Crowns: These crowns can take on the natural color of your teeth. Therefore, they can easily blend in with the rest. The material used to make the crown is porcelain-based. These crowns are commonly used for the front teeth.
  • Porcelain-fused to metal: These dental crowns are composed of porcelain that's been fused to metal structures. As a result, the crowns can last for a longer time than the plain ceramic ones.
  • Gold Alloys: Gold crowns are more than just fashion statements. They make very practical crowns since they are quite resistant to fracturing and also don't cause the tooth to wear. These crowns are made from gold that has been mixed with other metals such as copper.
  • Base metal alloys: These crowns are made using non-noble base metals with a high corrosion resistance. These make strong crowns and require minimal amounts of the healthy tooth to be removed prior to filling.

Comparing the Different Types of Crowns

Not all these crowns have the same qualities. In fact, the difference in their qualities can be very significant depending on certain conditions. Porcelain crowns, for starters, offer a more natural look but don't seal against leakage as well as the others.

In terms of durability, the gold and metal alloys also offer the best. Porcelain can be weakened by pressure, e.g. if you grind your teeth at night. The porcelain fused to metal offers much better performance, but both of these crowns can aggravate nearby teeth.

Choosing Your Crown

Although you may prefer a mouth full of pearly whites, it's important to consider factors such as durability when choosing crowns. Gold based crowns might be what you're after, but you should also consider that these might be pricier than other alternatives. At the end of the day, choose the crown that will serve you best if you can afford it.

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