4 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Family Dentist

20 October 2020
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Many people develop a special loyalty for their dentist. Seeing the same dentist every year can be comforting. However, there will likely come a time when you need to pick a new dentist. You may move to another city or state, or your old dentist may retire. Choosing a family dentist doesn't need to be difficult, as long as you can get the information you need. Here are four questions you can ask prospective dentists when choosing a dentist for your family:

1. Do they have special protocols for treating kids?

It's common for kids to dislike going to the doctor's office, and unfortunately, that includes the dentist's office as well. Dentists who specialize in treating children are often better at putting children at ease. When choosing a family dentist, ask if they have special techniques for treating children. Some family dentists have stuffed animals kids can hold during their appointment. Others offer the use of headphones so kids can listen to soothing music or watch movies during their checkups.

2. How are they protecting patients from COVID-19?

COVID-19 has become a global concern. This virus is spread through droplets that come from a person's nose and mouth when they speak or breathe. Understandably, some people have concerns about seeking dental treatment during this time. However, dentists are doing everything possible to protect their staff and patients from COVID-19. Many dentists now require patients to wear masks at all times, except during treatment. Social distancing measures also keep patients safe. Feel free to ask prospective dentists about what they're doing to safeguard their clients' health.

3. Do they offer cosmetic treatments?

Some dentists offer cosmetic treatments in addition to routine care. Even if you're not currently interested in cosmetic procedures, you may want to take advantage of them eventually. In-office teeth whitening services are more effective than home kits. Ask your prospective dentist if they offer teeth whitening services. You may also want to inquire about veneers, clear aligners, dental bonding, and other common cosmetic practices.

4. Do they offer tooth replacement services?

Older members of your family may have specific dental needs. As people age, they may experience tooth loss. Ask your prospective dentist if they offer tooth replacement services. Dental bridges and dental implants can offer a permanent solution. Meanwhile, dentures are a non-invasive alternative. If there's a senior citizen in your household, make sure your family dentist will be able to meet their needs. 

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