3 Natural Mouthwashes To Help Prevent Peri-Implant Disease

30 December 2015
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Dental implants are designed to last a long time with proper dental care. Poor dental hygiene can cause your implants to fail. The buildup of plaque and bacteria around the surface of the implant can lead to inflammation. If the implant is not cleaned, then the infection can result in peri-implant disease. This disease leads to bone loss and will loosen the implant. If too much bone is lost, the dental implant may eventually fall out on its own. Read More 

Your Dental Implants Are Failing: What Can You Do?

14 December 2015
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Dental implants are a common way to correct oral issues where unhealthy or missing teeth pose a discomfort to the patient. These implants are embedded into the jawbone and are basically a permanent, more attractive and durable version of dentures. Most dental implants are fitted without any issues at all, but there are times when they don't seem to work as well as they should or feel uncomfortable in the mouth. Read More 

Managing Pregnancy Symptoms That Can Make Dental Care More Difficult

23 November 2015
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Although it's generally safe to go for routine dental checkups, cleanings, and simple procedures like fillings during pregnancy, inform your dentist that you are pregnant. Unless you have a health condition that puts your pregnancy at high risk, dental treatment should not have to wait until after your baby is born. This is also a time when you may have questions for your dentist about dental care basics. It helps to know what pregnancy symptoms can interfere with taking proper care of your teeth and what you can do about them. Read More 

Three Steps To Caring For Your Baby’s Teeth

4 November 2015
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When your child begins teething, it's much too early in life to expect any responsibility for cleaning his or her own teeth. As a parent you'll need to take the initiative and start good habits young by caring for your baby's dental health until the infant is a few years old and you can start to pass the duties along. Here are three ways you can fulfill this responsibility. 1. Cleaning gums Read More 

5 Tips For Maintaining A Bright Smile After A Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

19 October 2015
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While there are many methods to get whiter teeth, the best way is by having a professional whitening treatment done in-office by a cosmetic dentist. This procedure requires a financial investment, but it can brighten your smile by several shades in just one office visit. But after a whitening treatment, you still have to be diligent if you want to maintain the brightness of your new smile. Use the following tips to keep your teeth white after having them professionally whitened: Read More